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WeAreHouse78, LLC is an entertainment company that produces Dance Music events featuring the top and newest DJ/Producers in the industry.  These events vary from the main “House78” party at some of the premier venues in New York City to festival meet-ups and intimate DJ/Producer showcases through their event “House78: The Residents.” 

House78’s inception can be traced back to December 21, 2014. It was born from the collective inspiration of three friends from Harlem, New York – yes, we do in fact dabble in the “untz” in Harlem– who wanted to introduce others to the diverse world of Electronic Dance Music. With this aim, they organized House78, a dance event, at the renowned Apt78 in Washington Heights, New York.

Since that fateful day, Jonathan "RILLE" Espinal, Kenneth “Einfari" Espinal and Anthony “\/\/arhov" Garcia, have continued to build House78 to newer and greater heights; all while remaining true to their original intent: to introduce new sounds and people to the world of Electronic Dance Music.

Aside from bringing this eclectic day party to venues such as Cielo, Space Ibiza NY and Knitting Factory Brooklyn. WeAreHouse78 is committed to growing the dance music scene within New York City and will soon feature a podcast and sprout into a record label.

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